Aleksandra Wydrych: The First Appreciation & Unofficial Fan Blog on Tumblr!
"Little of a model, more like photographer. Annoing one, a dreamer yet cynical. A believer without a named god, a fox in her previous life." Welcome to the first ZENIBYFAJNIE/LAF SUICIDE APPRECIATION BLOG, created by fans for fans and anyone who likes her photography! We share graphics, pictures, fanarts and anything about her. IMPORTANT, READ BEFORE SENDING AN ASK: THIS IS NOT ALEKSANDRA'S PERSONAL TUMBLR, THIS IS ONLY A BLOG MANAGED BY FANS! Anyway, feel free to look around, submit contents and ask anything you want! Cheers ^-^
I'm sorry if you have an FAQ and this was already answered, because I can't view links on mobile. But what dye do you use to color your hair? It's an inspiration.

I do not dye my hair. If you are talking
about Aleksandra’s hair, just ask her.

Hi there : ) yes I do read the blog and love it <3 thank You for all the love and stubbornness in defending me : ) and btw. recently I can't say that haters make me sad, it's getting more and more funny every day : ) especially when it comes to my privet life.

Oh my gosh, our favourite little fox! Hello to you, and thanks for the attention, we appreciate it :) Do not thank us, we defend you as we could defend any other guy or girl… Yeah, 'Haters gonna hate', but we think that stupidity is not an excuse to throw shit on other people - especially if you just don’t know nothing about other’s people private life, damn! <_< ( you really don’t have an idea of how many idiot messages we receive about ya… )

So: as we do not know nothing about your private business, we simply don’t judge you, don’t care about all your personal things and we invite others to do the same! We still love you as a model and/or photographer, and we too love all the professionals who have worked with you to made beautiful shots. Wishing ya a bright career, keep in contact: if you don’t mind and if you are not too much busy, sometimes of this we would ask you a few questions, a little interview for all your fans around the world. Kisses!

&#8230; shor hair again for Ola! :)

… shor hair again for Ola! :)