Aleksandra Wydrych: The First Appreciation & Unofficial Fan Blog on Tumblr!
"Little of a model, more like photographer. Annoing one, a dreamer yet cynical. A believer without a named god, a fox in her previous life." Welcome to the first ALEKSANDRA WYDRYCH APPRECIATION BLOG - created by fans. We share graphics, pictures, fanarts and anything about her. IMPORTANT, READ BEFORE SENDING ASKS: THIS IS NOT ALEKSANDRA'S TUMBLR, ONLY A BLOG MANAGED BY FANS! WE DON'T SPEAK/WRITE/UNDERSTAND POLISH. Feel free to look around, submit contents and ask anything you want! Cheers ^-^


… batman addicted!

¡Girls! Aleksandra work with Bukowska... Where are the pictures? I have seen some more ... nothing is for a magazine? I long to see them.

You can found them searchin’ on Bukowska's profile on
:) We published all of them, don’t know if there are more!

(Fonte: aleksandrawydrych)

(Fonte: aleksandrawydrych)